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Donchenko Ye. A. Calculation features of peak temperatures at automatic welding and deposition

It has been demonstrated that the well-known Rikalin equation for calculation of peak temperatures of points in deposited-metal zones can be corrected. It has been suggested to take into consideration metal melting-related factors such as latent heat of melting, degree of superheat of the base material during melting process, displacement of metal to the rear end of the welding pool correct selection of thermophysical values, etc.
Key words: peak temperature, fusion heat, overheating degree, coefficient of thermal efficiency, area fusion, affected of thermal

Lookin V. I., Yoda Ye. N., Tkachenko Ye. A., Kotelnikova L. V., Bazeskin A. V., Ovchinnikov V. V., Magnitov V. S. Seam formation features at electronbeam welding of the pressed strips from high-strength aluminium alloy of the AlZnMgCu system

The special features of the electron-beam welding of the pressed strips of the high-strength aluminum alloy of system AlZnMgCu are given. Are represented the results of weld tests with the static tension, to the bend angle and the impact toughness of weld material. Are generalized the results of the studies by macro- and the microstructures of the welded joints, which showed that the equiaxial finegrained structure with the size of grains 510 μm was characteristic for the welds.
Key words: aluminum alloy, the system of alloying AlZnMgCu, electron-beam welding, mechanical properties, weldability

Markov A. V., Yulenets Yu. P., Grachev S. Yu. Plastic high-frequency welding in a working capacitor with inhomogeneous distribution of electric field

A rating for high-frequency welding of plastic parts in engineering facilities including working condenser with non homogeneous electric field distribution is suggested. A proposed method provides the calculation of instant specific power via the capacitance and voltage of working condenser with regard to the latter is filled in with thermoplastic incompletely. Welding time determination computing procedure is offered; it includes thermoplastic temperature field calculation in engineering facilities of assigned value.
Key words: high-frequency welding, plastics, working condenser with non homogeneous electric field distribution, welding process computing procedure

Bataronov I. L., Peshkov A. V., Petrenko V. R., Balbekov D. N., Kireev L. S. Titanium and steel production tooling interaction at diffusion welding

A model of reactive diffusion of carbon from steel equipment to titanium and steel equipment interaction with the formation of intermetallic compounds are developed. It is shown that the thickness of the layer of titanium carbide produced is by more than an order of magnitude smaller than the thickness of the intermetallic layer. Its determined kinetic criterion for the growth of the carbide layer, which explains its absence in contact of titanium with 12X18H10T-steel equipment. These models have been experimentally tested.
Key words: steel rigging, titanium, embrittled layer

Burak P. I., Latypov R. A. Effect of the interlayer on the properties of steel 50 coating by electrocontact welding

Results of technological researches of drawing of a covering from a steel 50 on shaft from a steel 45 through an intermediate layer from a powder material and amorphous tape solder are presented. It is established that at an optimum combination of parameters of mode connection of a covering with a detail, to the core me-tallu, microhardness of a covering makes 69908100 MPa, extent of a zone of thermomechanical influence doesnt exceed 0,350,6 the mm, impact strength and fatigue durability decrease no more than on 10 % on comparison with a steel 45 in an initial condition.
Key words: intermediate layer, welding, microhardness, zone of thermal influence, covering, basic metal


Bardin A. I., Romanov A. V., Dzhanikyan A. V., Biryukov A. P., Koverguin P. V. A Forsage industrial welders new series

Technical data, primary functions and operating conditions of new inverter current sources "Forsage-301" and "Forsage-302" for arc welding are covered. These apparatus enable to carry out welding under both stationary and field conditions from self-contained mobile power supply sources.
Key words: welders, arc welding, "Forsage", technical data

Bashkirov S. I., Kamenskykh A. B., Yazev A. S. Natural gas centrifugal compressor production experience

Compression vessels manufacturing experience of centrifugal compressors with welding nipples from thermally stable steels 102 and 152 using two ways of heating and thermal treatment is considered.
Key words: heat-resistant steel, local and furnace heating, welding, nipple

Brovman T. V. A welded two-ply pipe line construction

Methods of producing double layer pipes of different constructions considered. It is shown that in optimal construction of pipes, consisting of carbon steel and alloyed steel worthwhile to place welding joints in chess-order so that welding butts on inner and external pipes would removed.
Key words: double layer pipes, construction, welding joints

Yershov A. V. Processing characteristics analysis of welding electrodes used to weld construction iron

A simple estimation procedure of electrode welding processing and mechanical properties to carry out construction and erecting work is suggested. By the instrumentality of the procedure inexpensive domestic electrodes with optimal complex of welding processing and mechanical properties are selected.
Key words: welding electrodes, construction iron, welding processing and mechanical properties

Khromov V. N., Korenev V. N., Barabash V. V. Physical-mechanical properties of coatings sputtered by oxyhydrogen flame

Metallographic study results of flame coatings obtained at powder materials sputtering by oxy-acetylene and oxy-hydrogen flame are given. Features of joining sputtered and parent metals of the part are shown up; also porosity structural changes in the surface layer of the part are analysed.
Key words: sputtering, coating, physical-mechanical properties, joint


Bukhalkov M. I. Innovation activity arrangement at enterprises of the engineering industry

The basic forms and models of the organization of innovative activity at the mechanical engineering enterprises are considered, the major direction of development of innovative processes are opened.
Key words: innovation activity, machine-building complex, organization processes


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Suslov An. A. The 3rd Nanotechnology International Forum Rusnanotech 2010


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