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Khorev A. I. Titanium superalloy 19

Titanium alloying and microalloying basic research results are covered. Theory of titanium complex alloying and microalloying is developed and alloying range of the BT19 alloy of the TiAlMoVCrZr-system is established, ultimate strength is over 1650 MPa. Alloying efficiency of all titanium β-alloys is established as 0,51,5 % Zr.
Key words: titanium alloys, alloying, microalloying, rocket engineering


Starkov V. K., Vasenko S. M. Efficiency kinematic factor of the creep feed process

Research results of intense thermodynamic influence on the work area are described. They were obtained on the base of creep feed process kinematic features analysis.
Key words: creep feed, kinematic analysis, surface layer

Deryabin I. P., Kozharina O. A. Methods of the central hole axis higher accuracy at multiple-pass NC-controlled machining

Assurance issues of central hole axis accuracy at multiple-pass NC-controlled machining and at other equipment not allowing jig bushing usage are considered. It is discovered that efficiency of core-drilling axis run reduction depends on sharpening dissymmetry of cutting edge main angle in combination with tool axial vibration phase.
Key words: hole-making operations, run-out accuracy, NC-machining technique, core drilling

Aliyev R., Guseynov R. Bainitic high-strength cast iron milling optimization

Milling cut operations research results of bainitic high-strength cast iron with nodular graphite are covered. Process quality is determined on the basis of mathematical model by the method of planning an experiment of the central composite second-order design.
Key words: milling optimization, bainitic high-strength cast iron, ascent method, designing an experiment


Demidov V. V. Influence of the positive-rake involute hobbing cutter regrinding degree on the teeth profile accuracy of the spur gears

Influence of the positive-rake single- and double-angle involute hobbing cutters notched on the base of archimedess and involute worms taking into account regrinding degree on the teeth profile accuracy of the spur gears is considered.
Key words: involute hobbing cutter, spur gears, regrinding degree, profile accuracy, modelling


Beskrovny A. Yu. Tool and process-dependent parameters selection when mounting ship structure plating

Means of assembly process-dependent parameters and mobile means for carrying out field connections of hull plating structures is grounded.
Key words: erection joint, assembly, ship structures, labour-output ratio


Kartsev S. V., Shirshov V. S. Material selection for plasma deposition methods

Scientifically grounded selection of coating materials for restoration and hardening metal constructions by plasma spraying is considered.
Key words: gas-thermal methods, plasma deposition, coating material, computer-aided material accounting system, software, account

Savelyev A. A., Zhelezny A. G., Loktev D. A. Process parameter optimization of obtaining hexamethyldisilazane-film-based thermoregulating covering in ionic discharge plasma

Research results of the process parameter optimization of obtaining hexamethyldisilazane-film-based thermoregulating covering in ionic discharge plasma are given.
Key words: thermoregulating covering, polymer film, plasma, ionic discharge


Anakhov S. V., Pykin Yu. A. Acoustic designing features of the plasmotron nozzle unit on cathodic profile

The technique of acoustic designing for the plasma nozzle by cathode profiling is offered. Such profiling allows to reduce the number of acoustic excitation sources in gas-dynamic system and to eliminate conditions for their resonant strengthening. Concrete designs of the plasma nozzles are considered. Their advantages and lacks from the acoustic and technological point of view are presented.
Key words: plasmatron, acoustic designing, plasma gas, air-gas path, profiling, an acoustic spectrum, resonant frequencies, noise radiation

Buynosov A. P., Pyshny I. M. Wheel pair tire overhaul-period renewal

The results of the comparative analysis of wear process of wheelpairs of electric locomotives VL11 which has passed plasma hardening of ridges of bandages are given. On the basis of methods of the theory of probability and the mathematical statistics after processing of the assembled statistical information of deterioration of a bandage and a ridge the conclusion is drawn on efficiency of application gas-flame hardening the resource before turning of wheel pairs of electric locomotives has increased by 25 %.
Key words: locomotive, wheel pair, bandage, deterioration, hardening, resource

Belousov V. P., Dianova N. G. Improvement of the design formulae to determine sewing needle cross-section

Design formulae for determining sewing needle cross-section are obtained and formulae are improved, by which moment of inertia of the needle cross-section, inertia moment radius of the needle cross-section, needle flexibility and cross-sectional area of the needle eye are determined.
Key words: sewing needle, moment of inertia, cross-section area


Boyko A. V., Puzacheva Ye. I. Microhole electrospark broaching precision

The main fault in micro holes EDM flashing is an error of round form. The reason for this error is that electrodes axis is not parallel to the line feed. Roundness equation was found through research. Also, other errors found: local one-sided cone breaking of micro holes and unilateral lowering the nominal diameter of the hole due to wear of electrode in the processing of blind holes.
Key words: EDM flashing, micro hole, hole roundness, cone breaking, wear of electrode


Torpachev A. V. Mathematical modelling of an overhead crane for engineering complex under dynamic impact

The results of the mathematical simulation of operation the travelling cranes with dynamics stresses in the programmed ANSYS are presented.
Key words: simulation, travelling crane, dynamics, technical complex


Kryukov A. V., Timofeyev D. Ye., Arzybayev A. M., Sakharov A. V. Modular processing as basis for machine-tool group formation in the production planning tasks

Automated engineering of technological processes and formation of groups of equipment for the integration of CAD and MES-systems implemented on the basis of modular technology.
Key words: modular technology, operations plan, CAD, MES, machining group, parameters cheek to monitor, productivity of capital equipment

Korshunova Ye. D., Ilichiova Ye. S. An enterprise innovative potential management method based on system decomposition of the structure and componentry rating

An issue of enterprise innovative potential management is considered. A notion of innovative potential is defined more accurately, its structure is determined. A method of innovative potential management is developed, which is based on system decomposition of innovative potential structure.
Key words: enterprise, innovative potential, management


Korobtsov A. S., Lukyanov V. F., Sagirova M. V. Special competencies grounding for "Equipment and technology of welding" profile

The methodology which allow to ground the amount and essence of the special competencies for technological activity is developed.
Key words: welding, technological activity, competence


Potapova G. S. Review of the foreign journals


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